If you need IP or Domin name, please fill our the online form. We'll contact you after the mission is complete.

Advance Service
  • IP application

    Online form

    If you want to use wired network
    Please fill out the form for IP
    30 31 area is for Dept. of Physics
    37 area is for Education building

  • VPN application

    Online form

    Virtual Private Network application
    allow you to use NCU IP out of the campus
    Convenient for Reading Papers
    and science research

  • Mail Account

    Online form

    Only avaliable for ProfessorsApplication for Students!

    Allow you to use mail domin name
    it base on gmail system
    enjoy the infinate space of google drive

Setting tutorial

Basic setting tutorial for IP, email. If you have ferther problems, please call ext#65328 or find us at S4-719.

Contact us

Normal Contact Way

If you need our help, please come to our office at office hour.

The office location is at S4-719

If the time is not avaliable for you, you could call us or fill out the contact form.

our office phone number is ext#65328.

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